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2021 Year
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Operating Weight: 10000 kg

Bucket Capacity: 1.7-3.0 m³

Rated Load: 3000-5000 kg

Bucket Capacity: 1.7-3.0 

Rated Power:  90 kw/rpm

Digging Force (breakout force): 49 K.N



Model:  Yuchai 6BT5.9

Rated Power:  90 kw/rpm

Max. Dump Clearance:   3160  mm

Dump Reach:    1050  mm

Dump Angle At Any Position:   ≥45°

Digging Depth (with bucket bottom horizontal): 212 mm


Working Equipment

Model Of Oil Pump:  CBGj2100

System Pressure:    16Mpa

Model of Multi-Way Directional Valve: DF25.2C

Pilot Valve: DJS2-UX/UU


Transmission System

Torque Converter Type: 3-elements,single stage (Shantui)

Torque Ratio: 3.1

Cooling Type: Pressure Oil Circulating


Gear Box

Gear shifts(Forward/Reverse) :  F4/R2

Forward/Reverse :  7.7/9.5 km/h

Forward/Reverse:  13/18 km/h

Forward: 25 km/h      

Forward: 40 km/h


Braking System

Service Brake:  Air over oil activate 4 wheel brake with capliar disc brake

Air Pressure:    0.68Mpa

Parking Brake:  Draper -type soft axle control


Steering System

Type:  Middle articulated frame. Co-axis flow amp.steering

Model Of Steering Pump:   CBGj2050

Model of Redirector:            BZZ5-E400C

System Pressure:                14MPa

Articulated Steering Angle:  38±1°(L/R)



Overall Machine Length:  7375 mm

Overall Machine Width:  2460 mm

Overall machine height:  3340mm

Wheelbase: 2870 mm


Advantages and Highlights

  1. 1-LiuGong CLG835H loader has a large loading capacity and unloading height, and can adapt to various operating environments. 
  2. 2-Flexible control: The loader is equipped with advanced hydraulic system and control device, which can achieve precise operation control and improve work efficiency. 
  3. 3-Good comfort: The cab adopts a humanized design, has good vision and sound insulation effect, and provides a comfortable working environment. 
  4. 4-Low maintenance costs: LiuGong CLG835H loader adopts high-quality parts and structural design, which can reduce repair and maintenance costs.



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