Used SANY 245H cheap middle crawler digger in a variety of scenarios

$40,700-$49,800 Price
2015 Year
8600 Hour
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  1. 1. Efficient performance: The SY245H excavator adopts the power system independently developed by SANY, which has strong power output and efficient operation capability. At the same time, the technologically advanced hydraulic system and intelligent control system can achieve accurate and fast operation and improve work efficiency.
  2. 2. Stability and reliability: The SY245H excavator adopts structural optimization design and strength analysis technology, which has excellent structural strength and compressive resistance, ensuring the stability and reliability of the equipment in the operation process.
  3. 3. Humanized design: The SY245H excavator adopts an ergonomic operating table design and a comfortable operating environment, which can effectively reduce operator fatigue and improve work efficiency.

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