Secondhand cheap Caterpillar CAT320 excavator in my area

CAT320 Model
$99,500-$12,1600 Price
2020 Year
4164 Hour
2023.11.30 Published Time

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  1. Bucket capacity: 1.19m³

    Operating weight:21800KG

    Length*Width*Height: 9530*2980*2960mm

    1. 1. Powerful power: Equipped with efficient hydraulic system and advanced engine, it has strong working ability and high speed, and can quickly complete various excavation tasks.
    2. 2. Fuel economy: The use of advanced energy-saving technology can achieve higher fuel utilization and reduce fuel consumption costs.
    3. 3. Superior operation performance: equipped with accurate control system and operation interface, simple and flexible operation, operators can easily master the operation skills.
    4. 4. Good stability: With stable chassis structure and strong working device, it can maintain stability in a variety of complex terrain and working conditions, and provide reliable working quality.
    5. 5. Convenient maintenance: Modular design and intelligent diagnostic system are adopted to facilitate repair and maintenance, reduce maintenance time and cost.
    6. 6. Precise control: The use of advanced control walking system and balance system makes the operation more accurate and stable, helping to improve work efficiency and safety.


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