Refurbished second hand HANGCHA CPCD50 forklifts for sale

$ 11,900-14,280 Price
YEAR 2019 Year
HOUR 2500 Hour
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Machine weight: 7100kg

Operating weight:5000kg

Power type: diesel

Load centre distance: 500mm

External dimensions: Full length: 1480mm

External dimensions: Width: 1225mm

External dimensions: the maximum lifting height of the fork: 3000mm

Minimum turning radius: 2800mm

Machine Test report: Provided


1.Used HANGCHA CPCD50 forklifts with different hydraulic and mechanical transmission systems can be selected according to needs.

2.Full hydraulic steering device, small turning radius, light and flexible steering, safe and reliable.

3.The layout of all operating units is optimized according to ergonomic principles, so that the operator's work is easy and efficient.

4.There are a variety of domestic and imported engines to choose from. The imported host meets the latest European CE and US EPA environmental protection standards. Energy saving, vibration reduction, noise reduction technology.

5.Specially designed container door frame can enter the container operation. According to the needs of users, this series of forklift trucks can be equipped with two, three full free lifting gantry, and can also be equipped with various accessories.

6.The cab is formed by a shaped steel roof frame with paneling on all sides, and the high-strength roof keeps you safer.

  1. With an operator presence sensing system, when the driver leaves the seat, the system will cut off the driving power to prevent accidents.
  2. Used HANGCHA CPCD50 forklifts are widely used and can be applied to different scenarios: warehouses, ports, airports, freight yards, distribution centers and logistics distribution centers.
  3. Our company will provide the forklift refurbished machinery report to customers, customers can see the details of the machinery and the latest status, the company staff will also answer online and offline.
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