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2020 Year
3200 Hour
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Basic Parameters

Model: LW500FV

Rated Load: 5000 kg

Operating Weight: 16900 kg

Bucket: 2.5~4.5 m³

Maximum Digging Force (Breakout Force): 170 kN

Walking Style: tire type

Working Condition Usage: universal

Engine (Fuel)

Rated Power: 162 kW

Overall Machine Parameters

Unloading Height: 3150~3560 mm

Advantages and Highlights:

- Strong Working Capacity: LW500FV loader adopts strong power system and high-strength structural design, with excellent loading and unloading capacity. Able to quickly complete the loading and unloading operations of large engineering projects.

- High Efficiency: LW500FV loader adopts advanced hydraulic transmission technology and intelligent control system, which can achieve smooth and accurate loading operation and improve work efficiency. And has the characteristics of low fuel consumption, can reduce the cost of use.

- Good Handling: LW500FV loader adopts humanized operation buttons and comfortable cab design to provide good handling feeling, so that the driver can easily carry out various operations and reduce the difficulty of operation.

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