Best used XCMG XCT100 truck crane for sale by owner

$239,000-$292,000 Price
2017 Year
6200 Hour
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  1. 1. Large lifting capacity: XCMGXCT100 crane has a large lifting capacity, which can meet the fast, efficient and safe lifting needs of heavy objects.
  2. 2. Strong flexibility: the crane has a variety of working modes, can quickly adjust and adapt to different lifting tasks, especially suitable for the complex environment of the construction site.
  3. 3. Easy to control: XCMGXCT100 crane is equipped with advanced control system, easy to operate, the operator can easily control the lifting process, improve work efficiency.
  4. 4. High safety: The crane is equipped with a number of safety devices, such as heavy load alarm, out-of-limit fault detection, etc., to ensure the safety and stability of the lifting process.





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