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2020 Year
3000 Hour
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Basic Parameters

Model: LW500KV

Rated Load: 5000 kg

Operating Weight: 17000±300 kg

Bucket: 2.5~4.5 m³

Maximum Digging Force (Breakout Force): 175±5 kN

Walking Style: tire type

Working Condition Usage: universal

Engine (Fuel)

Rated Power: 162 kW

Overall Machine Parameters

Unloading Height: 3100~3780 mm



Advantages and Highlights:

- Full Function: LW500KV loader with loading, unloading, handling and other functions, can meet the needs of various engineering operations.

- High Efficiency: The loader is equipped with a powerful power system to provide high power output, which can quickly complete the loading task and improve the working efficiency.

- Good Stability: Advanced hydraulic system and automatic balancing technology are used to make the loader have good stability on the uneven site, reducing vibration and damage caused by turbulence.

- Easy to Operate: the loader adopts humanized design, the operating system is simple and easy to understand, the driver can quickly get started, and the intelligent system provides real-time feedback and alarm to improve the convenience and safety of operation.

- Strong Durability: Xugong is a well-known brand, LW500KV loader selected high-quality materials and parts, economic and durable, with a long service life.

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